The Cool Starts Here

The Cool Starts Here



The land of Hope and Glory, living the dream, yellow taxis, Cosmopolitans, the Oscars, baseball - you already know where we are. 

To us Brits, on our small island (usually in the rain), the US is the home of cool. 

We’ve all been there, lusting after something you can only get in America. First it was Levi jeans, and Calvin Klein underwear. Then it was Barry’s bootcamp and Soulcycle and now it’s that dress from Reformation, the vegan burger from Cafe Gratitude and lunch with friends at Sweetgreen.




The US has always been an inspiration to us. Starting the next craze, as we watch and wait. We nag our friend who goes on holiday to bring us back a piece of the action, a small slice of cool (or even pizza!!). 

HERMOSA’s story started off in a similar way but in true HERMOSA style we have gone about things slightly differently…

Have you ever been to HERMOSA beach? 

South Bay, California, average temp 22 degrees, 2 miles of clear ocean… I know, you want to go there now!! 

It’s the home of the active lifestyle, moving your body because it feels great. Surfing, roller skating, swimming, running - whatever your vibe, you just go for it.




It’s no surprise then that when we created our protein, we decided to call it HERMOSA. We were quite simply inspired. It was that LA feeling that we were lusting after and wanted to recreate. Our aim is to bring a touch of that magic HERMOSA life to the UK. To give you guys the best possible refuel while you live your best possible life - every day! And now? Now, the US wants HERMOSA! (See? Always slightly different!). We are so excited to be able to offer US shipping to all our friends across the pond. We are turning things around… maybe sometimes, the cool starts with us ;)


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