A jar of vegan protein powder next to some blackberries

Vegan Protein Powder

HERMOSA Vegan Protein

Awarded Tatler’s 'Best protein powder of the year 2021', HERMOSA Vegan Protein Powder is a 100% natural, plant-based protein powder that focuses firmly on taste. Giving you a smooth, clean-tasting vegan protein shake, our vegan protein delivers 20g of protein and all 9 essential amino acids per serving. Making it ideal for anyone following a plant-based lifestyle who’s looking to ramp up their protein intake without compromising on taste.

HERMOSA Vegan Protein Powder is made from premium, GMO-free pea protein concentrate as well as all-natural stevia sweetener that’s sourced in South America and purified in Europe. All of our grade A ingredients are sustainably sourced, so they’re just as kind to the planet as they are to you. So why not grab yourself a little taste of Californian clean living with a scoop of the good stuff? HERMOSA Vegan Protein Powder is where it’s at.

The vegan protein powder of choice for Barry's gyms across the UK, HERMOSA Vegan Protein Powder is also refreshingly free from allergens, including lactose and gluten. With two delicious flavours to choose from, will it be rich, heavenly Chocolate or clean, dreamy Vanilla? The choice is yours amigo! Now, are you ready to shake up your protein routine with our premium plant based protein powder?! Let’s do this… HERMOSA style!