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What Makes HERMOSA Different?

HERMOSA is a lifestyle brand dedicated to bringing you the highest quality, sustainably sourced protein supplements. 

In a packed market, we realised that there was nothing out there that really hit the mark in combining taste, quality and ethical values. So we created our own line of award-winning protein powders that are so delicious, super clean and criminally smooth that they could become the reason you work out…

HERMOSA is changing the face of protein supplements. Our total devotion to your complete satisfaction drives us to be better each day. From our incredible flavours, to our commitment to quality, to our ethically sourced and sustainable ingredients, here are just some of the reasons HERMOSA is different.  

What Sets HERMOSA apart?

HERMOSA isn't your average, run-of-the-mill protein product. We dare to be different and are committed to bringing you the most delicious, sustainable, high-quality protein powders money can buy. Here are just a few of the qualities that set HERMOSA apart. Try us once, then live HERMOSA forever…

Rise Above The Sea Of Sameness

There are a million and one different protein powders out there. We didn't want to blend into the blandness with yet another non-descript protein powder. We wanted to stand out from the crowd and rise above the sea of sameness. So we set out to create protein powders that are more than just your average, functional protein that you gulp down in a hurry with minimal enjoyment or satisfaction. Protein powders you can actually enjoy.

What if you looked forward to drinking your protein shake? What if it was so smooth and downright delicious that you smash an extra rep, pedal harder up that hill, or run that last tough mile because you know you'll be rewarded with a HERMOSA protein shake at the end of it? It might just become the whole reason you work out in the first place.                         

Taste Without Compromise

We live by the mantra: taste without compromise. For us, it's all about creating the tastiest, most enjoyable protein powder on the planet. That's the number one factor that sets us apart. When we talk about breaking the mould, our biggest motivation is to develop unbelievably tasty protein powders. We're talking off-the-chart delicious protein products you can't wait to blend, sip and savour.

We've been relentless in our pursuit of creating the most irresistible protein flavours around, specialising in a few choice flavours that we can – hand-on-heart – say are the best of the best (we've even won awards for them, but more on that later!). So whether you choose all-natural vanilla flavouring sourced in Europe or chocolate flavouring from roasted and ground Ghanaian cocoa beans, your taste buds are in for their best workout ever!

Sustaining You AND The Planet

Here at HERMOSA, we're just as serious about the ethics of our protein products as we are about their flavours. We love nothing more than getting outdoors and moving our bodies in every way possible that makes us feel great. So why would we jeopardise nature's playground by making a product that wasn't kind to the planet? That's just not the HERMOSA way, so we set about creating a cleaner, greener protein powder from day one.  

Sustainability runs deep here at HERMOSA. From our iconic recyclable amber glass jars to sustainably sourced premium ingredients, you can enjoy your HERMOSA products that little bit more in the knowledge that they're kinder to Mother Nature. We go all out to make our footprint as gentle as possible so you can keep loving and living HERMOSA for many more years. Because we care about our community and our planet. 

Total Commitment To Quality

At HERMOSA, we don't believe in cutting corners. There's no such thing as perfection, only progress. It's the same when you're grinding out a new PB as when developing world-beating protein powders. That's why we took our time to develop the very best protein products over the best part of a decade. Everything has been tested, tweaked and refined to bring you the super high-quality protein powders you now know and love.

In the UK, we created our premium protein products for Barry's UK – a brand that sets the bar high when it comes to quality. At the time, none of the protein powders on the market came anywhere near to satisfying their standards. So we developed HERMOSA for them, using only the finest quality ingredients to deliver the cleanest, leanest, tastiest protein powders. 

The Best Ingredients On Earth

Setting out to make the best protein powders means using only the finest ingredients. Everything that goes into HERMOSA is premium quality, whether it's whey from 100% grass-fed cows that live in the lush pastures of the Lake District, or vegan protein packed full of all-natural, lactose-free, GMO-free, allergen-free pea and hemp protein. 

Our pure pea protein isolate is extracted from the yellow pea farmed in Belgium. Rich in amino acids, our pea protein boasts 98% digestibility and is completely lactose-free and naturally sourced. Meanwhile, our hemp protein is 70-75% protein isolate powder with all nine Essential Amino Acids derived from a plant source. It’s naturally extracted and fractionated from sustainable crops of raw hemp seeds farmed in Canada. 

Finally, our natural stevia is made from 100% plant material and is totally natural in origin. Sourced in South America and purified in Europe, our stevia has been developed using cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly extraction and purification processes. With complete traceability from the plant to the final extract, our stevia tastes all the sweeter for knowing that it's sourced sustainably and manufactured to the highest standards.  

Award-Winning Flavours To Savour

Nothing is more important to us at HERMOSA than your total satisfaction. We want you to love your protein experience just as much as you love getting active and living your best life. The number one piece of feedback that we hear time and time again from our loyal followers is that HERMOSA tastes amazing. That's exactly what we set out to achieve from the get-go – we strived, and we succeeded. So can you!

A bonus for us is that we've picked up a few awards along the way for the flavour of our protein products. Our whey protein was awarded The Telegraph's 'Best Tasting Protein Powder' in 2022, and scooped 'Best Whey Protein Powder' in the Runner's World Sports Nutrition Awards 2022. We're humble and grateful for the kudos, and we'll keep pushing and progressing to give you the most satisfying protein experience possible. 

HERMOSA Is Here To Support Your Health And Fitness

Whatever your health, fitness and wellness goals, we're here for you. HERMOSA is your ultimate training buddy. 

Not only do we make the best-tasting protein powders on the planet (in our humble opinion), but our premium products give you 20g of clean, lean protein and all nine essential amino acids – including muscle-building branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) leucine, isoleucine, and valine. So your hard-working muscles get all the goodness they need to repair, recover and go again. Fuel your fun with HERMOSA today…

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