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Protein Sachets On The Go

Are you always on-the-go and looking for a convenient (and delicious!) way to refuel? Then look no further than HERMOSA's handy On The Go protein sachets. Perfect for when you’re in a hurry or out adventuring, our grab-and-go protein sachets are the perfect way to get your fix of HERMOSA – anywhere, anytime.

The struggle to find quality nutrition that keeps up with you is real. But not anymore! Because now our convenient 30g protein sachets let you take your favourite HERMOSA flavours with you everywhere you go. Drop one in your gym bag, pocket one in your cycling jersey – wherever you go, whatever you do, you can take HERMOSA with you.

Whether it's our vanilla or chocolate vegan protein sachets, or whey protein sachets in either flavour, you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. Every protein sachet we make is carefully crafted with premium, ethically sourced ingredients that are free from artificial flavours and sweeteners, so you can fuel up on-the-go with confidence. 

The Rise Of On-The-Go Nutrition

We’re all busier than ever, right? So no wonder more and more of us are reaching for grab-and-go protein options to refuel quickly and easily. HERMOSA On The Go protein sachets do exactly what they say on the sachet; they give you that instant hit of HERMOSA goodness while you’re out and about. Specially designed with active lifestyles in mind, they offer a quick and convenient solution to fuel your day and top up your nutritional needs, all in one go. 

Can Vegans And Vegetarians Use HERMOSA Protein Sachets?

Yes! Our vegan protein sachets feature a unique blend of natural ingredients that are completely free from dairy and animal products. We use an all-natural blend of pea and hemp protein that together deliver all nine essential amino acids that our bodies need to function at their best. So our vegan On The Go protein powder sachets are the perfect way to get your plant-based protein on board without compromising on taste, quality or your way of life. 

Travel-Friendly Nutrition In Every Protein Sachet

Every serving of our grab-and-go protein sachets contains an impressive 20g of high-quality protein and no added sugar. So you can enjoy some travel-friendly nutrition at your leisure. Instead of sugar or nasty artificial sweeteners, we flavour our HERMOSA grab-and-go protein sachets using 100% plant-based stevia and natural flavourings like European-sourced vanilla and Ghanaian cocoa beans that are roasted and ground into a fine cocoa. Delish!

Can I Use HERMOSA Protein Sachets For Post-Workout Recovery?

Absolutely! In fact, we positively encourage it! Our protein sachets are designed for maximum absorption, so your body can quickly and efficiently replenish its energy levels after a workout. Whether you like to enjoy your HERMOSA protein shake within 30 minutes of your workout, before you get active, or whenever the mood takes, you can be sure you’re going to get a clean, lean, supreme dose of protein that tastes as great as you’ll feel. 

Smart Snacking Made Easy With HERMOSA Protein Sachets

HERMOSA protein sachets are packed full of essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals, making them the perfect  grab-and-go protein snack for anyone looking to refuel and re-energise on the move. Just remember that while our protein sachets are super convenient, they're not intended to replace balanced wholefood meals. Sure, they give you a boost of nutrition when you're on-the-go and hungry, but nothing beats a well-balanced, nutritious meal.

Where Can I Buy HERMOSA On The Go Protein Sachets?

You can buy our On The Go protein sachets exclusively through our online store. Available in two irresistible flavours, clean vanilla and decadent chocolate, our protein powder sachets come as whey or vegan protein – so you can enjoy your favourite blend of HERMOSA goodness wherever life takes you. But hurry, because these little beauties do not hang around! Get in quick to avoid disappointment and keep your HERMOSA supply on point. 

Not only are our sachets convenient and nutritious, but they also taste amazing. In fact, our whey protein alone has won more awards for its flavour than you can shake a protein sachet at! That’s because we prioritise flavour, texture and drinking experience above all else (well, apart from sourcing the finest, most sustainable ingredients, of course!). Bottom line: HERMOSA grab-and-go protein sachets are the perfect workout for your taste buds!

Talking of the finest, most sustainable ingredients, only the best of the best goes into our protein powder sachets. Why? Because we care deeply about you guys and the planet. So we go the extra mile to use the best quality, ethically sourced ingredients that are kinder to you and the environment. That means whey from grass-fed cows who roam the Lake District countryside and non-GMO plant-based protein that’s super pure and lactose-free. 

So what are you waiting for? It's time to live HERMOSA everywhere you go! 

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