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Tennis And Nutrition : How Protein Supports Performance And Recovery

Tennis is a fast-twitch, explosive sport that demands energy and endurance. It's essential to serve up a balanced, nutritious diet if you're aiming for optimal performance on the court. And protein plays an especially crucial role in helping tennis players to achieve their athletic goals.

HERMOSA Protein Powder is perfect for any tennis player looking to boost their protein intake. Not only do we offer award-winning whey protein and non-GMO vegan protein, but all of our protein powders come loaded with all nine essential amino acids for muscle growth and repair. 

Plus, our premium protein powders are easy to digest, quickly absorbed, mix like a dream, and are crafted from the finest, ethically-sourced ingredients. Keep reading to find out how HERMOSA protein supplements can support tennis players' baseline performance and recovery.  

Why Protein Is Make Or (Tie)Break For Tennis Players

We all need protein in our diets. Fact. It's an essential nutrient that our bodies need for the growth, repair, and maintenance of muscles. That's why it's so important for athletes and fitness fanatics alike to get plenty of protein on board to fuel their physical activities. Tennis players, in particular, need plenty of protein to build and maintain the lean muscle mass and fast-twitch muscle fibres needed for speed and power on the court.

So Where's The Best Place To Get Your Protein For Grand Slam Performance?

It really depends on your lifestyle. Many animal products like meat, fish, and dairy are great sources of protein, but there are also plenty of meat-free sources that are just as beneficial if you’re plant-based. These include beans, lentils, nuts, seeds and whole grains. It's a matter of what feels right for you. Although, it can be challenging for tennis players to get enough protein through whole foods alone, especially on a vegan or vegetarian diet.

This is where HERMOSA protein powder makes the perfect doubles partner. Our supplements provide a convenient and easily-digestible source of protein that can be lobbed into smoothies, porridge and countless other meals and snacks. With high-quality vegan and whey options available, HERMOSA protein powders are a healthy and sustainable choice for tennis players who love to max out their nutrition and performance.

How Much Protein Should Tennis Players Serve? 

Tennis players need more protein than the average person. That's because of the sheer amount of physical activity involved in covering every inch of the court and the stress that this puts on the body. Like all athletes, tennis players need protein to repair and rebuild damaged muscle tissue, support the immune system, and provide energy for training and matches. The amount of protein needed varies, depending on your training goals. 

For example, let's say you're looking to increase muscle mass to put more power into your serve or ground strokes. In that case, you'll need more protein than someone who just wants to maintain muscle mass and recover from their tennis training. Just like a great serve, timing is key too. Chowing down on a protein-rich meal or snack within 30 minutes of a match or training session can help you bounce back quicker than an overhead smash. 

This is where HERMOSA Protein Powder can be the ace up your sleeve if you want to optimise your recovery and performance while playing tennis.

Why Tennis Players Love HERMOSA 

Whether you go for classic whey or vegan protein inspired by the plant-based triumphs of Novak Djokovic or the all-conquering Williams sisters, HERMOSA has the perfect protein powder for all your tennis escapades. Our sustainable protein powders are made with the finest ingredients and contain all nine essential amino acids needed for muscle growth and recovery. They're easy to digest and smoother than a Federer backhand.

Speaking of King Roger, the man's got impeccable taste, hasn't he?! Not unlike our delish protein powders, which come in two irresistible flavours: clean vanilla or decadent chocolate. Either way, it'll be game, set and match once you've tasted HERMOSA. We've even won some titles of our own, scooping The Telegraph's 'Best Tasting Protein Powder' for 2022 and 'Best Whey Protein Powder' in the Runner's World Sports Nutrition Awards 2022.

How To Ace a High-Protein Diet With HERMOSA

Tennis players can easily add HERMOSA protein powder into their lifestyle by adding it to their smoothies, porridge or protein pancakes. In fact, we've written a whole other blog on the subject if you fancy 10 High-Protein Vegan Recipes to Fuel Your Workout. Or you can shake up your protein game by mixing HERMOSA with a dairy or plant-based milk or good old-fashioned H20 for a quick, easy post-workout shake that always hits the spot.

But why wait until after your workout? Especially when you consider that it's important for tennis players to get enough protein into their diet throughout the whole day, rather than just one or two meals, to support muscle recovery and growth. It's also a good idea to combine your protein servings with complex carbohydrates to replenish your glycogen stores, support muscle repair, and smash your training and match-day goals. 


HERMOSA protein powder is a great-tasting, sustainable and easy-to-digest protein source for tennis players who want to refuel and go again without compromising on flavour. Made from only the finest, responsibly sourced ingredients, like whey from grass-fed cows that roam the lush Lake District pastures and non-GMO vegan protein made from allergen-free pea and hemp isolates, HERMOSA serves up 20g of quality protein in every hit.

Smash and grab your new favourite protein from the HERMOSA collection today to ace your tennis nutrition.


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