Ingredients Description
Whey Protein Premium whey protein sourced from grass fed cows reared in the Lake District
Hemp Protein An allergen free, natural, sustainable and high quality 70-75% protein isolate powder with all 10 Essential Amino Acids derived from a plant source. Produced by natural extraction and fractionation from raw hemp seed in Canada. A product of highly sustainable crop. Excellent environmental credentials.
Pea Protein A highly pure pea protein isolate extracted from the yellow pea in Belgium. Rich in amino acids, 98% digestibility, Gluten free, lactose free, naturally sourced and GMO-free.
Flavourings The secret sauce of Hermosa - our natural vanilla flavouring is sourced in Europe, while our natural chocolate comes from Ghanian cocoa beans, roasted and ground into a fine cocoa.
Stevia Unlike others who use artificial sweeteners, our natural stevia is made from 100% plant material and are entirely natural in origins. Sourced in South America and purified in Europe, our stevia product line has been developed using cutting-edge technology and environmentally friendly methods for the extraction and purification process. This ensures exceptionally high quality according to strict European guidelines and advanced purification techniques. Complete traceability from the plant to the final extract.